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If a field is not mentioned in these instructions, leave it blank.

  1. Participants Database: Add Participant
  2. Username from email subject line: concatenated FirstLast
  3. First Name, Last Name, Email
  4. Mobile Phone use dashes between area code, exchange and number
  5. Live in Bellevue if “I live in Bellevue” exists under Bellevue Affiliation.
    • Home Area: copy Residence Address, paste it into the search at This will give you the zip code and a pin on the map.
      • West = west of I-405
      • Central = between I-405 and 148TH
      • East = east of 148TH
      • South = south of I-90
    • Bellevue Home Address from Residence Address (without “Bellevue, WA”)
    • Bellevue Home Zip Code from or
  6. Work in Bellevue if “I work in Bellevue” exists under Bellevue Affiliation.
    • Work Area: Repeat Home Area process, but for Work Address.
    • Bellevue Work Address (without Bellevue, WA), Bellevue Work Zip Code.
  7. Level Name: Individual if Requested Access = “Individual Use”. Team if Requested Access = “Bellevue Team Member”.
  8. Basic Course Date: If they have attached their certificate, enter it in YYYY-MM-DD format. If not, then enter Jan. 1 or the date of “CERT Basic Course Date” as in YYYY-01-01. The actual completion date will be updated later by them, or us when we receive verification.
  9. Basic Course Location: Enter it in “City, ST” format as in “Bellevue, WA”.
  10. Approved: Leave blank (un-ticked)
  11. Level Date: Copy the same date from Basic Course Date.
  12. WP User ID: Leave blank so the “approve” step below automatically creates a new WP User ID.
  13. Submit button (after scroll to bottom). This will take you to Participants Database: List Participants screen.
  14. Select checkbox to left of Username.
  15. With selected: approve
  16. Apply
  17. This will automatically create a new WordPress user with the same name, username and email, and send a Welcome email (Notifications| All Notifications| New User Registration – For User) to the user to set their own password. The WordPress user is created by default as an Individual user, so that needs to be changed in the next steps.
  18. Using the menu on the left, select Users: All Users
  19. Select checkbox to the left of Username.
  20. Change role to … to the appropriate WP User Role (probably Team)
  21. Change button
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